Refleks Marine Heater 66M Configuration

917,16 (757,98 ex. VAT)

The 66 series is the most popular stove for the smallest ships and/or the smallest cabins. With its narrow diameter of 16.5 cm, this stove almost always fits in any cabin. Especially with a top connection for the chimney. If there is a little more room, the 66 with the rear connection can also be fitted with a cast iron hot plate on top of the stove. The optional window gives a cosy view on the fire.

With this configuration, you can order the 66M with the essential and recommended parts. You can make your own selection and add it to your shopping cart with one click.

This item: Refleks Marine Heater 66M Configuration
917,16 (757,98 ex. VAT)
917,16 (757,98 ex. VAT)
181,09 (149,66 ex. VAT)
172,76 (142,78 ex. VAT)
119,34 (98,63 ex. VAT)
56,53 (46,72 ex. VAT)
64,47 (53,28 ex. VAT)
52,72 (43,57 ex. VAT)
1 × 70mm Pipe
132,11 (109,18 ex. VAT)
1 × 70mm Protect Cap
1 × 70 mm Deck Flange Ø160 mm
21,05 (17,40 ex. VAT)
1 × 70/90mm Insulated Pipe
54,15 (44,75 ex. VAT)
1 × 70mm Downdraft Cap
43,33 (35,81 ex. VAT)
1 × Stainless Steel Fuel Tank
46,60 (38,51 ex. VAT)
1 × Hüco Fuel Pump
92,75 (76,65 ex. VAT)
10,99 (9,08 ex. VAT)
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SKU: 1066M-1


  • Generates 1.4 kW and fits well in cabins of 14 to 23 m3.
  • Consumption 0.12 to 0.3 litres per hour.
  • No electrical power needed.
  • Flue diameter 70mm.
  • Recommended flue length is 1.20 metres without bends, inside
    The required length of the chimney depends on many circumstances. The weather outside, where the wind is blowing from, is the chimney clear all round, pilot light or full. Basically, the longer the flue, the more weather conditions will allow the stove to burn well. The length advised here is good for about 80-90% of the different weather conditions. An extension of the chimney outside is very well possible too with an insulated pipe.. If you would like to assess your specific situation, please contact us.
  • A draft stabilizer is recommended, on one hand to compensate for wind fall and on the other hand to influence the draft in the chimney.
  • A permanent supply of fresh air is required.
  • Provides dry warm air and expels condensation.
  • Average service life 30 years.

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